Fancy a slice of Parma?

Fancy a slice of Parma?

Draped in history, renaissance architecture and charming romance, Parma is an idyllic Italian city to stroll hand-in-hand through the sepia-coloured streets and sample some famous Italian gelato by the city’s shimmering fountains.

Parma is a city with a cheerful and social spirit, that oozes with creativity due to its historical links with music and theatre. Classed as one of Italy’s top gastronomic cities, Parma is famous for its mouth-watering ham (prosciutto di Parma), delicious cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano) and handmade pasta (Tortellini). The delicious dishes prepared by the native master chefs certainly won’t disappoint you!

Renaissance Romance

Culture, arts and environment, together with deep-rooted gastronomic traditions constitute the essence of this unspoiled land located between the Apennines and River Po.

Begin your day by marvelling at the Romanesque buildings, including the frescoed Parma Duomo Cathedral. You’ll find this breath-taking cathedral located in the aesthetic heart of Parma.

The cathedral is set in a picturesque cobbled square away from the main shopping streets and is renowned as one of the most precious treasures of the city.

This tranquil atmosphere gives lovers the opportunity to take in the beauty of the surroundings. As the evenings approach, dress to impress for a concert at the 19th-century Teatro Regio di Parma. Decadence, opulence and grandeur are words that spring to mind when witnessing its extraordinary interior. If you are a keen fashionista, head to Milan (only one hour away) for the ultimate shopping experience in one of the world’s most fashionable cities.

Spend time together as newlyweds discovering the secluded alleys and legends found within the golden cobblestone streets of Parma. Enjoy gentle bike rides in and around the city, stopping to admire the ancient castles and monuments, whilst also rejuvenating your senses with crisp countryside air. Nature lovers are taken care of with the option of visiting the rolling Parmesan hills or walking along the River Po, listening to the delightful sounds and reliving stories of the past.

Parma is one of those places where art, music, literature, history, traditions and the pleasure of living intertwine perfectly, making Parma the ideal place for a romantic getaway.

Culinary delights

When in Italy, sampling the local food is a given. Inevitably, international specialities like pizza, pasta and espresso are both prevalent and exquisite throughout the country. Dining is an important activity in Parma, and many of the city’s culinary creations are eaten and enjoyed all over the world. In addition to Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano and Tortellini, you’re likely to find many hearty pasty dishes and potato gnoochi. There are plenty of local restaurants to discover, one of the most celebrated being La Greppia. With over 40 years of successful dining, the restaurant is a perfect place to start your culinary adventure.

Tie the Knot

Parma has a large array of wonderful wedding venues, from ancient castles and villas with historic parks for elegant open-air ceremonies, to countryside guesthouses set in magnificent landscapes. Favourable for its geographical location (close to the sea, lakes, mountains and famous cities) Parma is the ideal place for your Italian wedding and promises to give you and your guests unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.

With many castles and historical mansions available for hire, you are guaranteed the perfect setting for a fairy-tale wedding. Compiano Castle, Rivalta Castle and Bardi Castle are only a few examples of marvellous treasures hidden along the beautiful and unspoiled route that connects the North of Italy with the charming hills of Tuscany. ❤


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