Learn about the scribe behind the love

Love /lʌv/

A profoundly strong feeling of affection, romance and passion towards another person.

Scribe /skrʌɪb/

Originates from the 13th century, scrība (latin) refers to a writer creating important documents of public interest.

My Story

❤ My name is Omega Love and I’ve been incurably infected with the travel bug and love bug.

❤ Through my love of destination storytelling, globetrotting and creative writing — Lovescribe was born.

❤ Why Lovescribe? As you can see from the definitions above, my intention is to focus on dreamy, beautiful and romantic destinations that inspire lovers to explore the world together. Naturally, I am the scribe and the curator of romantic-inspired travel guides that are definitely of public interest. (Also, my surname is Love so it all makes sense to be Lovescribe.)

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