Bucket List

From legendary classics to adrenaline-pumping newcomers, I’m slowly but surely crossing off my personal bucket list. Many of these have fuelled my wanderlust and got me to where I am today! ❤✈

✈ Cruise through the Everglades

✈ Capture the sunset at Old Bagan

Quad bike with my Driver through the dirt tracks of the Dominican Republic

✈ Hike to the top of the Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Watch Singapore’s sky light up with fireworks on New Year’s Eve

✈ Chill for a day at the Iguazu Falls

✈ Loose myself in an abyss of sakura in Kyoto

Dance the night away at the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

✈ Trek the Inca Trail and wear a cool poncho at Machu Picchu

✈ Stand underneath the iconic Santa Catalina Arch, Antigua, Guatemala

Drink a mojito and smoke a cigar in Havana

✈ Marvel at the Ancient City of Petra

Flamboyantly dance flamenco in Seville

✈ Roll the dice in Las Vegas

Take artistic pictures at Wynwood Festival in Miami

✈ Get lost in a jungle in Costa Rica

✈ Stroll through Arashiyama’s Bamboo Forest

Celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Rockefeller Centre like the kid in Home Alone

✈ Eat, Pray & Love in Bali

Stay in a rainforest hacienda that practices spiritual rituals with a shaman in Mexico

✈ Glide through Cappadocia in a hot air balloon

✈ Sail through Halong Bay

✈ Buy fruit from a floating market in Vietnam

✈ Motorbike through Europe’s serpentine roads with my lover

✈ Grab a coffee in Medellín

Go to strip clubs in Bourbon Street

✈ Make it out of Rio de Janeiro’s Favelas alive

Listen to jazz musicians in Frenchmen Street

✈ Marvel at the Alhambra in Granada by day and night

✈ Look beautiful and pose like Phantom Of The Opera in Venice

Walk into a party wearing masquerade masks in Vienna like a Queen beside her King

✈ Dedicate 1-3 months of my life to travelling all across Australia

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