Prague – Poised for Love

Prague – Poised for Love

Romantic getaway? The classics – Venice, Paris, London, Barcelona? Undoubtedly all fine choices (apart from the obnoxious Parisians) but none of them quite cut the mustard as noveau or unique in the romantic escape department. They are all obvious choices. Owing to my deviant personality, I like to venture as far as I can from run-of-the-mill options (perhaps not as far as North Korea) but you know what I mean, subvert convention and enjoy a romantic break in an alternative European city.

Whilst the Western world is used to celebrating Valentines on the 14th February, calendar events aficionados out there can put May 1st into their diaries as ‘Valentine’s Day, round 2, Prague style.’  For the Czechs, this is a well-rooted tradition of theirs, dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. It was at this time the great romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha composed ‘Máj’(May), the best-loved epic poem written in the Czech language.

The poem is about a tragic love between two young lovers but begins with a melodious overlay:

It was late evening, on the first of May,
The eve of May was the time of love.
The turtle-dove´s voice called to love,
Where rich and sweet pinewoods lay.

Karel Hynek Mácha

The tradition says that on May 1st a girl should be kissed under a cherry blossom so she will stay beautiful all year round. The real lovers’ paradise is Petřín; simply one of the most romantic places in Prague. The Petřín hill has been shrouded in a haze of love and passion for centuries and it is here you should kiss in front of the Czech ‘poet of love’ so your love will be as strong as the stone his statue is made from.

A city defined by cobblestone streets, medieval churches, and mystical bridges, Prague is primed for romance. Just like any other city in Europe, Prague also contains a bridge for lovers where visitors can lock in their love forever. Whether you fall in love in Prague or simply want to leave a memento behind, visiting Malá Strana is truly worth it to see so many love locks!

Prague wears its history on its sleeve; as we explored every street in the Old Town it was like a real-life power-point presentation on 8 centuries of history. Couples eager to explore the charm and history of the city can go on guided walks to enrich their knowledge about the local architecture and try to decode the city’s hidden secrets. Although Prague’s majestic castle is the most visited attraction in the Czech Republic, and rightly so with its sweeping views of the city’s spires and domes, my personal favourite was the Charles Bridge. It is a statue-lined bridge connecting the Old Town to the Little Quarter and Prague Castle, offering breath-taking views that make it ideal for a nonchalant evening stroll or specially timed sun-setting moment. Hand in hand, innocent pecks or non-stop tonsil tennis at this stunning location is a no-brainer for lovers.

As adventurous couples go, I would consider myself the better half (for multiple reasons, but mainly because I’m the more active half that suggests exciting news ideas). If you play the same role as me, then try this with your lazy other half – get lost together in the labyrinth of picturesque, medieval, cobbled streets in the heart of the Old City or hire rowboats to traverse the idyllic riverbanks along the Vltava River. A river cruise through the heart of the city is a wonderfully relaxing way to discover the well-regarded attractions nestled along the river.

Prague presents itself to visitors as a changeable city, pretty natural attractions, a cosmopolitan city hub, quaint romantic streets and well-preserved ancient ruins. Using Skyscanner, I found the cheapest ticket possible and with a less than two-hour flight, I was very soon enjoying beautiful Prague.


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