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A fantastic website with an interactive map, so you can see the exact route (ideal for multi-city trips). I only recently discovered Kiwi but love the simplicity and accuracy of live prices. This is best for couples seeking inspiration, without a clear destination in mind as you can see what cities have the best value prices.

Skyscanner is the best flight tool for booking bargain flights and is by far my favourite. The key benefit with Skyscanner, is that it will pull up the cheapest flight options available on the web, and allows you to search for specific dates or month-long ranges so you can find the best deal! I also love the ‘everywhere’ button, which is brilliant when I need some affordable inspiration!


Booking is my go-to website for when I want to book a hotel, resultantly I have gained genius member status which means I receive further discounts on many hotels. I love the flexibility with booking and above all I trust them. You often only need to pay upon arrival and usually you can cancel up until two weeks, one week or even one day before you’re supposed to check-in without any charge.

Tripadvisor is my favourite travelling tool for the simple reason you can find everything in one location. As the most trusted and largest review site in the world, you can access the world’s biggest travel community. I use Tripadvisor every time I go on holiday because I can compare hotel prices to ensure I get the cheapest, and make wise decisions when it comes where to stay, how to fly, what to do and where to eat. It’s particularly useful for making decisions about what excursions to do e.g. city tours or costly attractions.

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