A Destiny Love Story that spans 6 countries in 4 months

A Destiny Love Story that spans 6 countries in 4 months

A birthday tribute to My One & Only – Kristián.

I could have taken the traditional route and given you a ‘Happy Birthday’ card like a normal person, but how boring and temporary would that be? So, instead of a basic birthday card, I’m giving you a birthday love letter. Because without you being born 25 years ago today, I wouldn’t be able to tell the following story.

You have changed my life, you’ve become my world, you’ve strengthened me, challenged me, supported me, loved me (all in the space of four months) for all of that – I wish you the happiest, life-profit, BEST FUCKIN’ BIRTHDAY KC.

Where it all started un(fortunately)


🗓12-13 February

Unexpected is probably the best description of our encounter in this crap country. Neither of us belonged here and yet it was where we found each other. Whilst I physically only experienced you for less than 48hours, I was captivated, intrigued, inspired, kinda-turned-on, and hungry for your mind and heart.

Memorable moments: Quad-biking, showering under the pool waterfall, truck ride & talk to my hotel, night swimming under the light of the moon, putting my hairband on your arm, sunrise (failed) time-lapse, salsa dancing looking into your eyes at breakfast, kiss at Bam market.

So, we meet again


🗓Part 1: 17-20 March, 2022

After realising that no matter what, you had to be in my life, we story continued and went from strength to strength. Separated by timezones, the Atlantic Ocean, we both knew nothing was going to stand in our way. NOTHING and NO ONE. After a 6/7 hour Zoom call it was decided – Zoku, Austria, 17th March. After a little mentálna gymnastika about your flight, my delayed Flixbus, we both managed to make it to Zoku. Then exploded with love in the spontaneous lift encounter.

Memorable moments: The party the first night, sitting on the floor against the radiator with you, holding you and hugging you so no-one would see your tears, interrupting you on the 7th floor, seeing the hot chocolate you bought for me, unboxing your Destiny Sony Alpha, buying our Venetian party masks in Vienna, not paying for the U-Bahn, telling you for the first time ‘I Love You’ in the party, slipping the Zoku card into your back pocket in the airport 😉

🗓Part 2: 9-15 April, 2022


Memorable moments: Showing up as a surprise with Iris <3 14.05.2022 – the wildest, best night and day of my life, starting at Framen, dying my hair, taking you to Coconut Curry (your first ever Thai restaurant in life), ordering you what Szechaun beef, posing in the Prater with you, bumper cars, going on the most vomit-inducing ride and melting into each other. Scooting through Vienna, having Starbucks coffee with you. Choosing which hair dye together and sitting outside the shop for hours like teenagers. Almost getting you arrested for trying to steal a decorative egg in that place we bought you a chunk of meat.

Official playtime


🗓 15-19 April, 2022


Memorable moments: Every breakfast morning, our first-ever shower together, Lara Croft walking through sunny Palma with her partner in crime, the sunset dinner we created for the group, holding your shoulder and hand from the back during the car journeys, the car being towed, dealing with the garage together, the magic in the back seat, the middle of the night when you ran from the bar to find me sleeping in the room, the passion at the airport, the missed flight, your amazing support in the moment I needed you most.


When it got Slovakian serious


🗓 2-9 April, 2022


Memorable moments: The sign at the airport, the balloons in the house <3 Baking with Grandma Phone call to Munich Border Police, being in charge of the house keys, affirmation I had outsmarted the system, you grabbing me in pure happiness that we could stay together longer. Morning breakfast hike, seeing you in your black jumper carrying wood to make the fire as a true Slovakian farmer boy, buying Dad’s candle holder in the shop in front of your house, hearing you introduce me as Priateľka.


When it got Spanish serious


🗓 23-28 April, 2022


Now, let’s talk dirty


Memorable moments: Melting into each other in Krakow airport, first step of pre-production of Angel Studio in Krakow airport car park, watching everyone in the wedding process us, you monitoring my drink intake, the boys toilet, drunk & vomiting on the grass in the rain, life-defining words exchanged in the Dlhá nad Oravou bathroom, holding me while I pee, hugging the toilet, watching you self-induce vomit, surprise breakfast I prepared at your Mum’s house. Gun shooting (pow pow), baking croissants with Grandma, dinner we prepared for your Mum, driving back to the house twice! Hot gym sessions and photoshoots 😉

KC’s inception celebration


25 years ago, to this day, my world came into this world.

I was shocked and stunned you’d never celebrated your birthday, no party, no people, no dedicated celebration to your existence in this world. I knew it had to be different this year.

You needed to celebrate with the people that love and care about you most in the world – for the first time in life – and you needed my help to do it. This can’t make up for all the years you should have been celebrating in the most epic, life-fulfilling, people-centric, soul-enriching way but I hope it’s a decent start.

🗓 Part 1: Pre-Birthday BBQ gathering, 27 May, 2022

<awaiting visual memories>

🗓 Part 2: KC’s BIG DAY, 28 May, 2022

<awaiting visual memories>

Love always,


Miss Love


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